Marsh DJ Set - Live From Estes Park, Colorado

  • 9.0
  • Melodic house
  • 08.03.2023
  • 1h 30m

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park is a special place to me and Maddy. We love the peace and tranquillity we experience there. It was a total coincidence that it became the location for my album stream.
With one week to go before the release of the album, we had been frantically searching for the right location. Estes came up on Friday 27th Jan. I’d just left home for a triple-header weekend of shows - Phoenix, Chicago and Indianapolis. The following Tuesday I was packed, back on the plane, and flying out to Denver.
We met our host (Steve) and production crew Dan and Austin half way up the mountain where the cabin resided. Steve had to drive us the final 20 minutes in his snowcat - one of those tank’esque vehicles used to groom ski slopes. It was pitch black outside and looked like we were riding the edge of a cliff the whole way up. To add to the adrenaline, petrol fumes were leaking into the passenger cabin for the duration of the ride which began to get a little concerning when we saw rainbow-colored fog accumulating on the windows… We made it… barely alive… cooked fajitas, drank margaritas and prepared for the shoot at sunrise!
The morning presented my first look at the view. I was and still am blown away by the beauty. I could have looked at it all day. Steve’s cabin can be found on AirBnb. It’s super cosy inside and surrounded by 33,000 acres of nature, wildlife, and no other humans.
The set includes every album track, some brand new material and some exclusive edits of some of my older catalogue. Hope the beauty of the scenery combined with the music is a blessing to you.
Yes, I played ‘Estes’ in Estes and yes, I do like warm locations too!
Also! Massive shout out to Dan and Austin for their stellar work on this! " - Marsh

Play list

[00:00] 1. Marsh - Sleep feat. Jodie Knight [Anjunadeep]
[04:36] 2. Marsh - Hymn [Anjunadeep]
[09:43] 3. Andy Moor & Adam White pres. Whiteroom - The Whiteroom (Marsh Remix) [Anjunadeep]
[15:06] 4. Marsh - Fall To Pieces feat. Leo Wood [Anjunadeep]
[20:13] 5. Marsh - All Night Long [Anjunadeep]
[24:19] 6. Marsh - Heaven [VIP] [White]
[27:54] 7. Marsh - Fragments feat. Jodie Knight [Anjunadeep]
[32:30] 8. Marsh - ID [White]
[36:20] 9. Marsh - Reminiscent [Anjunadeep]
[40:57] 10. Marsh - Pretty Eyes (Gull) [VIP] [White]
[46:04] 11. Marsh & Wassu - Forgiveness feat. Mariel Beausejour [Anjunadeep]
[50:41] 12. Marsh - ID [White]
[55:17] 13. Marsh - Blue feat. Leo Wood (Ezequiel Arias Remix) [Anjunadeep]
[1:00:09] 14. Marsh - Pneuma [Anjunadeep]
[1:04:45] 15. Marsh - Estes [Anjunadeep]
[1:09:23] 16. Marsh - Love (VIP) [White]
[1:13:28] 17. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (Marsh Bootleg) [White]
[1:18:27] 18. Simon Doty & Marsh - Touch The Sky [Anjunadeep]
[1:22:33] 19. Marsh - ID [White]
[1:26:54] 20. Marsh - Endless [Anjunadeep]