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  • 27.07.2023
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Cathédrale Saint-Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland

St. Pierre’s Cathedral is the telltale of more than a thousand years of history.
After the first stones were laid in 375 A.D., a series of fire and cultural revolutions such as the Reform in the 16th century threatened - but did not ruin - the edifice. Instead, the place underwent a series of regular extensions and reconstructions through the course of its history, that are each characteristic of their contemporary style and customs. For this reason, the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre is the majestic reunion of Roman, Gothic and Neoclassic styles. It now stands still as the main protestant church of Geneva, in the heart of the city's Vieille-Ville. In July 2009, Geneva's St. Peter's Cathedral was included in the "European Heritage" list of honor, in recognition of its significant historical and cultural value to European history.

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Play list

00:00 - September - Ostavi Trag
00:45 - General Ehi Duncan, The Africa Army - Express, The Ibibio Horns - Africa (My No. 1) Captain Planet Remix
05:52 Mike Simonetti - Midnight Or Late Afternoon
09:20 Donna Washington - You Can't Hide From The Boogie
12:40 Crown Heights Affair - I see the light
16:23 Folamour - Fearless
20:38 Cotonete, Dimitri From Paris - The Hustle Parisian
26:10 Ten City - Be Free (Emmaculate & Shannon Chambers mix)
30:40 Folamour, Amadou & Mariam - Voyage
34:50 Easttown - Breeze
38:20 Folamour - Paradiso
44:24 Folamour - Poundland Anthem
49:19 Udo Jurgens - Peace Now (Folamour Remix)
53:20 Kathy Brown - Get Another Love (Warren Clarke Dub Mix)
57:36 Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Original Demo Mix)
01:02:45 Saison - Man of Soul
01:07:54 Ferry Ultra - Happy (Folamour remix)
01:12:17 Folamour - Bonifacio
01:18:02 Dasco - Feel My Love
01:22:46 Danny Snowden - Energy
01:26:32 Folamour Post - Tenebras Lux
01:31:08 Folamour - When A Piano Saves The Day
01:35:45 Q&A