Lanns Ural mountains DJ mix between Europe and Asia

  • 9.0
  • Melodic House
  • 23.08.2023
  • 1h

Ural Mountains

A place where the border between Asia and Europe passes. The oldest Ural mountain range geographically separates the two parts of the world of our planet. In the new episode of the SE:VER channel, electronic music producer Linar Sharafiev, known as Lanns, performs a DJ set in a magical forest, in a deserted area of ​​​​the Sverdlovsk region, near one of the famous "stones" of the Urals. The musical selection includes well-known hits in the style of Afro House, Melodic House, Organic House, as well as a number of Lanns' own compositions. Be sure to subscribe to the SE:VER channel so you don't miss the next exciting music videos.

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Play list

00:00 Dwson - Tormented Soul
05:50 Jewels & Kali Mija - Lua
13:00 DORIANN, Anorre - Light The Fire
18:15 Stephan Jolk - Keep Going
22:42 Ant+Shift feat. Kasha - High Water (Lanns Remix)
28:00 Bedouin - Whistleman (Pablo Fierro Remix)
34:20 Mood Gorning - Chimney Sweep
39:38 RY X - A Thousand Knives (Enamour Remix)
45:10 LE YORA - Solaris
52:00 Yamil - Yesterday Lovers
57:15 &ME, Black Coffee, Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III