INVRS Live at Community for SE:VER

  • 9.0
  • Melodic House
  • 10.04.2024
  • 1h

Moscow, Russia

A new episode of the SE:VER fairy tale takes us back to the famous Library hall of the Community Moscow club. In this video, the INVRS project, the founders of the label, performed their DJ set in the Melodic House & Techno style. New releases, proven hits and dance club music of their own production, including releases by the SE:VER label, of course.
Enjoy your dive and musical journey.

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00:00 INVRS, Cafe De Anantolia - Desert Flower
06:26 INVRS, Chertkovski, Make Like A Tree - 7 Energy Centers
12:10 One of Vas, Rowee - Till the End
16:57 Valer den Bit - Oazis
22:26 Rampa, WhoMadeWho - Tell Me Are We
27:58 Groove Shack - Breathe
32:40 Nils Hoffmann, Panama - Far Behind (Jeremy Olander Remix)
38:47 INVRS, Chertkovski - Re-under
43:55 Makebo, Volen Sentir - Alchemist
49:55 Bedouin - Petra
55:11 Martin Badder, Stealth - Another Life (Deeper Mix)