Yujin Oshino Vinyl Studio Session

  • 9.0
  • Proto-tech house
  • 06.05.2024
  • 1h25

Seattle, USA

As a dedicated student to the genre, Michito Iwata (Yujin Oshino), has spent decades carefully curating an incredibly selective record collection spanning from house to techno which he weaves together artfully. Having grown up in Japan in the 80s, his earliest influences of music were that of folk music from vast Japanese highlands, retro Japanese pop, and new age artists such as Tatsuro Yamashita and Kitaro. Dive in as Michito blends deep & minimal house, proto-tech house, and dub techno beautifully and impressively with sounds exclusively from 1998-2002. Michito has become a notable figure in Seattle’s underground scene as a DJ, event producer, and collaborator having worked with some of his favorite talents such as Afriqua, Richie Hawtin, and many more. In a new chapter, Iwata’s 12" release in collaboration with Aaron Daniel, led to features under his monikers, Lexume and Summit Dub. After a brief hiatus, Michito Iwata is back as a DJ, operational consultant at Seattle label, Restless Planet, and is preparing to launch his most significant project yet, the Soft Spoken Secret imprint expected to release July 2024.

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